Advantages of Sponge Abraisves and Its Application in Related Industries

1. Advantages of sponge abraisves

The sponge abraisve is made of high elastic sponge as the substrate, and the surface is coated with a layer of mineral sand, so that the product maintains high-efficiency grinding effect and has good elasticity. The thickness of 5mm improves the bending performance of the product. The water storage function of the sponge can reduce the workload of flushing and chip removal. Printing in different colors on the back makes it easy to identify the grit size of the product.

The sponge abraisve is widely used in manual polishing of furniture, surface polishing of plastic products, polishing of car repair paint, metal rust spots and surface treatment of plastics. It can be reused, energy saving and environmental protection. It has obvious advantages over traditional sheet sandpaper. Dozens of times the efficiency of grinding.

2. Application of sponge abraisves

Sponge abraisves are multi-functional products specially designed for extremely fine grinding and polishing. The soft sponge inner core can completely fit with any delicate curved surface and radian. Its fine grit and efficient high grinding effect meet the high-quality surface requirements of the product. It can be used for dry grinding or wet grinding, and sponge abraisves can also be processed into customized specifications for use on automatic grinding machines, which can meet the requirements of different machinery for automatic grinding of mobile phone casings and other curved plastic and metal products.

At present, more companies are willing to join the ranks of automated production. It is used to save labor time, improve production efficiency, and at the same time let people get out of the dusty environment. The most important thing is to make the product have a uniform and perfect polishing effect.

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