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Drivetrain components, such as engine blocks, cylinder heads, valves, crankshafts, camshafts, bearings, and gears, etc., require highly precise, smooth, and polished surfaces to reduce friction and wear, ensure proper sealing or achieve smoothness, Low noise effect.

Our hard cloth, soft cloth, pyramid soft cloth, and hard cloth custom sanding belts can be used in grinding parts burr gloss polishing, and precision automotive sanding discs.


Welded and brazed body parts require a sanding operation to remove sharp edges and obtain a smooth and polished surface suitable for high gloss paint. Various automotive abrasives grinding uses of abrasives may require different types of coated abrasive products in different configurations.

RMC flap disc, flap wheel with shaft, zirconium sand cloth belt, pyramid cloth belt can be used in grinding welding point burr, etc.)


Our RMC sandpaper, film velcro disc, sponge abrasives, and pyramid daisy disc can be used in sanding and polishing electrophoretic paint surface, paint surface, putty, glossy paint surface defects, etc.


Cars and passenger cars can use our non-woven abrasives, super flexible film FV, soft sand cloth in polishing the surface of the paint surface of automobile panels and after spraying or polishing.


Large-scale machinery and equipment for construction vehicles, buses can use our stearated dry sandpaper, waterproof sandpaper, super flexible film sponge in large-area automotive sanding discs or repairing before spraying, polishing putty, old paint layer, primer, etc.


In the automotive abrasives industry, the key considerations in selecting the appropriate abrasive for grinding operations include the type, design, and configuration of the part to be ground, the material to be ground (including the type of heat treatment, hardness, or abrasive), polishing requirements (rough straightness, straightness, or dimensional tolerances), the machining or grinding cycle time allowed for the operation, and the grinding equipment available (e.g., hand-held, manual, or robotic). When choosing abrasive disc manufacturers, these factors will help define several important aspects of the abrasives, such as size, type of the coated abrasives (wheel, disc or cylinder), and the type and hardness of the abrasive (traditional versus super abrasives). Polishing the paint surface mainly considers scratches and whether it meets the next process, and makes the surface perfect.

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Ready To Talk To One Of The RMN Abrasives Experts?

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