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The right sanding not only prevents wood and parquet floors from scratches and damage, but also serves as preparation for subsequent oiling or varnishing. For a perfect, error-free result, the sanding of parquet is often left to a professional. Whether you're looking for hardwood floor sanding abrasives belt, abrasive cloth roll, abrasive paper velcro disc, non-woven pad, etc. RMC abrasives offers trusted, inventive products for wood floor refinishing that positively impact your productivity and consistently deliver high-quality results that reduce call backs and boost referrals.

RMC supplies various types of abrasive cloth belt with different grain types including ceramic aluminum oxide, brown aluminum oxide, silicon carbide, etc, for user different demand. The improved resin bond ensures grain retention under the most demanding applications. Advanced production technology provides a cut so aggressive users can flatten the floor quickly. Open coat grain design in some products minimizes loading and provides an aggressive cut to easily sand through multiple layers of tough coatings. Anti static backing in some products improves dust collection and keeps machines cleaner. Besides, RMC all grits and sizes to fit different types of belt sander.

RMC also makes abrasive cloth roll and abrasive paper roll with high quality and stable performance. Proprietary patented grain technology produces fine scratch patterns for a better looking finish. RMC not only has traditional abrasive grain, which provides value and consistent performance at a competitive price, but also has self-sharpening zirconia alumina abrasive, super-sharp premium ceramic grain, etc.

Abrasive Velcro discs with high efficiency are sold well too and received good feedback from current customers. Hook and loop design ideal for random orbital sanders as well as multi-head equipment and standard rotary buffers.

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Ready To Talk To One Of The RMN Abrasives Experts?

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