Do You Know How to Use Flap Wheels Correctly?

Flap wheel, also known as thousand-page wheel or chuck-type page wheel, is a type of coated abrasive. Each product is made up of hundreds or thousands of cloth pieces, hence the name. It uses alumina as abrasive material, with a fabric base made on a production line and then bonded by overlapping layers of fabric and resin. The upper and lower chuck grooves fix the sand blade between the upper and lower chuck. L-shaped buckle grooves and fastening rings are respectively set at both ends of the inner side of the sand blade. The fastening rings are fixedly connected to the buckle grooves, and the fastening rings are bonded to the buckle grooves by adhesive liquid and cured together to form the flap wheel, which is divided into straight groove and U-shaped groove.

The working surface of the product is hard, wear-resistant, and has strong elasticity. It has the characteristics of sharp cutting, high processing efficiency, no workpiece burn, stable physical and chemical properties, high safety, and simple and convenient continuous operation. These abrasive products save more time than manual grinding and are the best popular grinding products for surface treatment.

Application of flap wheel products

Flap wheel is suitable for large-area rough polishing, grinding, rust removal, and grinding of various stainless steel, metal, wood, furniture, stone and other surfaces in multiple fields, and for polishing and shaping irregular surfaces, rust removal and polishing of different materials in mechanical manufacturing. It has high polishing efficiency and long service life. The abrasive flap wheel with shaft is commonly used in industries such as automobile manufacturing, heavy machinery, ship repair, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, hardware, and decoration.

Correct use of flap wheel products

Step 1: The strip of flap wheel affects the subsequent production quality. The width and straightness of the slats directly affect the subsequent production quality. The width of the sand cloth is the same, and the subsequent cutting is smooth. The sand cloth is also symmetrical, and the wear and tear of the machine parts are relatively small. On the contrary, the slat width is different, which can easily cause the round blade to deviate, resulting in uneven sand cloth wire width. In addition, the consumption of the straight blade is also very large, and there will be a tilted cutting surface phenomenon, and the sand cloth wire wheel made by a tilted sand cloth wire will definitely be tilted, directly affecting the use results and service life of the flap wheel used for electric kettle polishing.

Step 2: For fine grinding and surface polishing, use wool polishing wheels coated with polishing paste to remove the marks left by the previous polishing. The electric kettle polishing flap wheel can be installed on various automatic and manual grinding machines to perform grinding and polishing operations. The grinding and cutting are sharp, making it the best tool for surface treatment and safety. As the flap wheel has an optimal usage period and optimal usage state, there are certain requirements for the storage of the slats to enable the flap wheel to perform at its best.

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