Factors That Determine the Hardness of a Flap Wheel?

Flap wheel, also known as Qianyelun or chuck-type page wheel, is a type of coated abrasive made by bonding hundreds or thousands of sanding strips together, hence its name. It is made with alumina as its abrasive and fabric as its base, which is made into gauze by a production line, then stacked with sanding strips and adhered with resin.

Flap wheel is suitable for large area rough polishing, grinding, rust removal, and polishing and shaping of irregular surfaces in various fields such as stainless steel, metal, and wood. It has a high polishing efficiency and a long service life for rust removal and polishing of various materials in mechanical manufacturing.

Flap wheel is made by fixing a large number of equally sized fabric sandpaper pieces in a chuck with grooves on top and bottom. The inner edges of the sandpaper pieces have L-shaped buckle grooves and fastening rings, which are fixedly connected to the buckle grooves by adhesive and cured. There are two types of flap wheel: straight groove and U-shaped groove.

Factors affecting the hardness of flap wheel

The hardness of flap wheel mainly depends on the amount of binder added and its density. If the abrasive is easily detached, it indicates low hardness; otherwise, it indicates high hardness.

The hardness level is generally divided into seven levels: ultra soft, soft, medium soft, medium, medium hard, hard, and super hard. From these levels, several sub-levels can be further divided. The methods commonly used to measure the hardness of flap wheel include hand cone method, mechanical cone method, rockwell hardness tester, and sand blasting hardness tester.

The hardness of flap wheel corresponds to its dynamic modulus of elasticity, which is advantageous in using the audio method to measure the dynamic modulus of elasticity of flap wheel to represent the hardness of the abrasive tool. In grinding, if the material hardness of the workpiece is high, flap wheel with low hardness is generally selected; otherwise, flap wheel with high hardness is selected.

Precautions for using flap wheel

With the demand of various industries, shaft flap wheel has also undergone different changes. The general shape is a wheel, but there are also different shapes such as oval and handle small flap wheel. Here, we will not introduce too much, after all, different industry needs, whatever shape you need, can be customized for you.

Flap wheel has the characteristics of high processing efficiency, high safety, and easy operation, which is more time-saving than manual polishing, and is a leader in abrasive products. As long as you master the correct method of polishing, it can bring a good user experience and outstanding polishing effects. It is recommended that you try to use flap wheel produced by high-quality manufacturers.

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