Solution for Sanding with Sponge Sand Paper

Sponge sand paper is the main tool for grinding. It is a grinding-cutting-polishing tool that coats a layer of resin bonding agent on an elastic sponge and uses static electricity to plant high-quality minerals on top of it. It has technical parameters, and the use of sponge sand paper should be within the allowed range of technical parameters. Overloading will greatly shorten the life of sponge sand paper. It is very effective for polishing various mobile phone shells, also called mobile phone shell sand paper. The factory strives for excellence and strictly monitors the quality of its products.

If sand paper is stuck on a high-speed rotating disk, a dedicated machine or a portable machine for operation, it is mostly used for grinding hard and brittle paints. In order to ensure the work quality of the sand paper, the tool to be grinded should be tested before grinding.

Causes and influencing factors of burn in grinding with sponge sand paper

When the abrasive products of the sponge sand paper is pneumatically ground, the instantaneous high temperature of the grinding zone causes local changes in the surface organization of the workpiece and forms oxidation discoloration on some parts of the surface. This phenomenon is called grinding burn. According to the different appearance of burn, it can be divided into overall burn, patchy burn, uniform linear burn, and periodic linear burn. According to the depth of burn, it can be divided into superficial, moderate, and deep burns. The most common are uniform or periodic linear burns. Since burn is often accompanied by oxidation on the surface, an oxide film is formed. Therefore, the degree of burn can be judged according to the surface color, which deepens and becomes more severe in white, yellow, brown, and purple colors. The grinding temperature affects the grinding burn, so it should be considered from the selection of grinding fluid, pneumatic grinding machine speed, etc.

The influence of sponge sand paper grinding on the workpiece

Surface burn damages the surface structure of the workpiece, causes oxidation and deterioration, easily causes surface corrosion, and greatly affects the performance and service life of the workpiece. Therefore, burn is a quality indicator strictly controlled in grinding operations.

Solutions for sponge sand paper grinding

Adjust the speed of the pneumatic grinding machine, reduce the contact time between the sponge sand paper and the workpiece surface, select the correct sponge sand paper abrasive, use a reasonable amount of abrasive, check the sponge sand paper, check whether the sand surface of the sponge sand paper is flat, and whether the abrasive is sufficient to support the grinding process. The operator should strictly follow the process requirements.

Compared with traditional sheet sand paper, sponge sand paper has a certain degree of flexibility and foldability, especially for the curved surface and dead corner of the workpiece. Traditional sheet sandpaper can only look from afar, making it difficult for many polishing craftsmen to start. In manual polishing, sheet sandpaper is difficult to solve the problem of heat generated by friction, and polishing craftsmen not only feel hot when handling the workpiece, but also are prone to being cut. Using sponge sand paper can play a protective role, protecting the workpiece and taking care of the employees.

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