The Ultimate Guide to Velcro Backed Sanding Rolls

Mar 11-2024

In the fast-paced world of modern life, efficiency has become a crucial goal in both work and daily activities. Whether at work or at home, efficient methods can save time and enhance the quality of t...
11 Mar
Tips for Efficient Use of Self-Adhesive Abrasive Film

Mar 09-2024

Self-adhesive abrasive film, as a convenient abrasive tool, is widely used in surface treatment of various materials. However, achieving efficient use of self-adhesive abrasive film and fully leveragi...
09 Mar
Safety Precautions When Using Self-Adhesive Abrasive Film

Mar 07-2024

Self-adhesive abrasive film, as an efficient and convenient abrasive tool, is widely used in surface treatment and polishing of various materials. However, improper use of self-adhesive abrasive film ...
07 Mar
Benefits and Advantages of Using Velcro Sanding Rolls Compared to Other Sanding Methods

Mar 05-2024

In the surface treatment industry, sanding is a common processing method aimed at improving the smoothness and evenness of material surfaces. With technological advancements, various sanding methods h...
05 Mar
How to Choose the Appropriate Grit for Velcro Sanding Rolls

Mar 03-2024

Velcro sanding rolls, as a common abrasive tool, are widely used in the grinding and polishing processes of various materials. Choosing the right grit for the sanding roll is crucial to ensure process...
03 Mar
Unrolling Precision: A Guide to Industrial Sandpaper Rolls

Jan 16-2024

In the industrial world, where precision is paramount and efficiency is key, the choice of sandpaper plays a crucial role in achieving superior finishes. Industrial sandpaper rolls have become the go-...
16 Jan
Stuck on Sanding: Exploring the Benefits of Velcro Disc Sanders

Jan 06-2024

Sanding is a crucial aspect of any DIY or professional project, and the tool you choose can make all the difference. Enter Velcro Disc Sanders, a revolutionary solution that simplifies the sanding pro...
06 Jan
Sanding Simplified: Harnessing the Power of Velcro Disc Sanders in DIY Projects

Dec 27-2023

DIY projects are a testament to creativity, but they often come with the challenge of achieving a smooth and polished finish. Enter the Velcro Disc Sander – a game-changer in the world of DIY. In thi...
27 Dec
Pipeline Perfection: The Role of Pipeliner Grinding Discs in Repairs and Maintenance

Dec 17-2023

Maintaining and repairing pipelines is crucial for ensuring the safety and efficiency of various industries. One essential tool in this process is the Pipeliner Grinding Disc. Made with superior quali...
17 Dec
DIY Delight: How Abrasive Velcro Discs Transform Home Renovation Projects

Dec 07-2023

Embarking on a home renovation project is both thrilling and challenging. Whether you're giving a room a fresh look or restoring a piece of furniture, achieving a flawless finish is the ultimate g...
07 Dec
Beyond the Surface: Achieving Glass-Like Finishes in DIY Projects with Abrasive Fiber Discs

Nov 27-2023

For DIY enthusiasts, the joy lies not just in the creation of a project but in the meticulous details that make it truly exceptional. When it comes to achieving glass-like finishes on various surfaces...
27 Nov
Sanding Precision: Transforming Automotive Surfaces with Abrasive Fiber Discs

Nov 20-2023

In the realm of automotive craftsmanship, attention to detail is not just a virtue – it's a necessity. From classic car restoration to custom modifications, achieving perfection in automotive sur...
20 Nov
Smooth Precision: How Abrasive Fiber Discs Revolutionize Surface Finishing

Nov 13-2023

In the world of surface finishing, achieving smooth and precise results is crucial. Whether you are working on wood, metal, or other materials, a flawless finish adds value and enhances the overall ae...
13 Nov
Metal Marvels: Unleashing the Power of Abrasive Fiber Discs in Metalworking

Nov 06-2023

In the intricate world of metalworking, precision is not just a requirement – it's an art form. Craftsmen and artisans alike understand the significance of achieving flawless surfaces, and the ke...
06 Nov
How Can Fiber Abrasives Improve Productivity in Metal Processing

Oct 10-2023

In the world of metalworking, efficiency is the key to success. Whether you are grinding, deburring, or polishing metal surfaces, the right tools can make all the difference. Fiber abrasive discs have...
10 Oct
Why Manufacturers Choose Custom Sanding Belts

Oct 05-2023

Manufacturing industries across the world rely on precision, efficiency, and top-quality results to meet their production goals. In various manufacturing processes, such as woodworking, metalworking, ...
05 Oct
The Versatility of Custom Sanding Belts: Enhancing Your Sanding experience!

Oct 02-2023

In any woodworking or metalworking project, achieving a smooth and finished surface is vital. This is where sanding belts come to the rescue, ensuring optimal material removal and an impeccable final ...
02 Oct
The Advantages of Custom Sand Belt in Metal Processing

Sep 30-2023

In the world of metal fabrication, precision and efficiency are paramount. Achieving a smooth and polished surface is often a critical requirement, whether it's for aesthetic purposes or ensuring ...
30 Sep
Benefits of Custom Sanding Belts for Your Woodworking Projects

Sep 25-2023

When it comes to woodworking projects, having the right tools is essential for achieving high-quality results. One underrated tool that can make a significant difference in the final outcome is the cu...
25 Sep
The Art of Friction: Exploring the Field of Abrasive Belt Manufacturing

Sep 25-2023

In the world of manufacturing and industry, precision and perfection are often achieved through a blend of science, engineering, and artistry. Nowhere is this more evident than in the realm of abrasiv...
25 Sep
Innovation in Abrasive Belt Manufacturing: Industry Updates

Sep 20-2023

The abrasive belt manufacturing industry has witnessed significant advancements in recent years, driven by a continuous pursuit of improved efficiency, performance, and versatility. These innovations ...
20 Sep
Compare Fiber Abrasive Disk with Traditional Sandpaper

Sep 15-2023

When it comes to handling sanding and surface preparation tasks, choosing the appropriate abrasive can significantly impact the quality and efficiency of your work. Two common choices you'll encou...
15 Sep
Introduction to Flap Disc

Aug 04-2023

Basic knowledge of flap discFlap disc, also known as elastic grinding disc, is made up of plastic or fiber mesh cover glued sand cloth sheet, suitable for angular grinding machine. Generally there are...
04 Aug
How Much Do You Know About Flap Disc?

Jul 28-2023

Have you ever heard of a kind of abrasive tool called flap disc? Do you know what it is used for and its product performance? Do you understand its working principle?Product performance of flap discTh...
28 Jul
Analysis of Application Range and Uses of Flap Wheel

Jul 15-2023

Flap wheel, also known as disk-type page wheel, is a type of coated abrasive. Each product is made up of hundreds or even thousands of cloth pieces, hence the name. It uses alumina as abrasive and clo...
15 Jul
How to Process Flap Wheels?

Jul 08-2023

Reasons for poor quality of flap wheelsFlap wheel manufacturers should not abandon reputation and quality for profit. Many flap wheels on the market are not sold at low prices because of excessive inv...
08 Jul
Features and Applications of Sponge Sand Paper

Jul 01-2023

The types of abrasive, base, bonding agent, and technology used in sandpaper grinding materials are constantly improving. Water sandpaper, dry sandpaper, and sponge sand paper are widely used in furni...
01 Jul
What Are the Applications of Sponge Sand Paper?

May 03-2023

The main purpose of sand paper is to smooth the surface of products by sanding, and there are many types of sandpaper, such as water-based sand paper, dry sandpaper, sponge sand paper, etc. They are m...
03 May
Which One Should You Use for Polishing Metal: ​Flap Discs or Grinding Discs?

Apr 26-2023

We often encounter the choice between flap wheel and grinding wheel in metal polishing during industrial production. To address this issue, a simple analysis follows:Difference between Flap Wheel and ...
26 Apr
Solution for Sanding with Sponge Sand Paper

Apr 19-2023

Sponge sand paper is the main tool for grinding. It is a grinding-cutting-polishing tool that coats a layer of resin bonding agent on an elastic sponge and uses static electricity to plant high-qualit...
19 Apr
How to Choose Sponge Sand paper?

Apr 12-2023

The high-elasticity sponge is used as the base material for the sponge sand paper, which is coated with a layer of mineral sand on the surface to maintain high efficiency in grinding while also having...
12 Apr
What Quality Checks Should Be Done Before Using a Flap Wheel?

Apr 05-2023

Flap wheel is a kind of coated abrasive, which uses alumina as abrasive and is made of cloth base produced by automated production line, then the cloth layers are laminated and fully pasted with resin...
05 Apr
Factors That Determine the Hardness of a Flap Wheel?

Mar 29-2023

Flap wheel, also known as Qianyelun or chuck-type page wheel, is a type of coated abrasive made by bonding hundreds or thousands of sanding strips together, hence its name. It is made with alumina as ...
29 Mar
How to Choose a ​Flap Disc Forming Machine?

Mar 22-2023

There are many manufacturers and models of flap disc forming machines in the market, so what aspects should we consider when choosing?Equipment performance of flap disc forming machineThe main reason ...
22 Mar
What Are the Factors Affecting Abrasives' Wear?

Mar 15-2023

Abrasives are known as the "industrial teeth" which are commonly used as machining tools for parts that need mechanical processing with abrasives or grinding tools, and to meet certain techn...
15 Mar
Characteristics and Applications of Flap Wheels

Mar 08-2023

Flap wheel, also known as thousand-leaf wheel or clamp-type page wheel, is a type of coated abrasive made up of hundreds or thousands of pieces of cloth that are glued together. It is named so because...
08 Mar
Detailed Introduction and Application of Flap Disc

Mar 01-2023

Industry insiders are familiar with the strong elastic grinding wheel, also known as flap disc, flat sanding wheel, etc. It is a wheel-shaped coated abrasive made of high-quality sand cloth processed ...
01 Mar
What Are the Advantages of Belt-sanding Belts' Grinding?

Feb 27-2023

Belt-sanding belts' grinding is a form of coated abrasive (commonly known as sandpaper or sand cloth) grinding. In the early 1950s, the emergence of electrostatic sand planting methods pushed belt...
27 Feb
Introduction of Several Common Abrasive Belts

Feb 15-2023

1. Accumulated abrasive beltThe stacked abrasive belt is composed of a series of coarse abrasive grains, in fact, each large abrasive grain contains many fine alumina and silicon carbide particles. In...
15 Feb
What Are the Materials and Requirements of the Abrasion Disk?

Feb 08-2023

Abrasive discs are carriers used to coat or embed abrasives so that the abrasive grains can perform cutting functions, and at the same time, they are also shaping tools for grinding surfaces. Rotating...
08 Feb
Three Tips to Improve the Performance of Flap Disc

Dec 14-2022

The flap disc belongs to the accessories of electric tools, and its main scope of application is: polishing, polishing and grinding in metallurgy, machinery, light industry, wood products, furniture, ...
14 Dec
Get to Know Flap Discs and Flap Wheels in Brief

Nov 03-2022

Introduction of flap wheel abrasive productsThe flap wheel abrasive products, also known as the flexible grinding disc, is made up of plastic or fiber mesh covered with adhesive sandpaper sheets and i...
03 Nov
What is Industrial Consumable Flap Disc?

Oct 27-2022

A flap disc is called a strong elastic grinding disc, which is made of plastic or fiber mesh covering abrasive cloth sheets. The flap disc is a simplified product of a fan-shaped grinding wheel and is...
27 Oct
How to Use the Flap Disc? What Areas Can It Be Applied in?

Oct 20-2022

The flap disc (one hundred) is also called the elastic grinding disc, which is made of plastic or fiber mesh cover and stick sandpaper sheet. It is suitable for angular grinder. Generally, there are s...
20 Oct
Do You Know How to Use Flap Wheels Correctly?

Oct 13-2022

Flap wheel, also known as thousand-page wheel or chuck-type page wheel, is a type of coated abrasive. Each product is made up of hundreds or thousands of cloth pieces, hence the name. It uses alumina ...
13 Oct
Maintenance and Precautions for the Care and Use of the Flap Wheel

Oct 06-2022

As we all know, flap wheel is a kind of large sanding wheel with a hard and wear-resistant working surface, strong elasticity, sharp cutting edge, high processing efficiency, no workpiece burning, sta...
06 Oct
Characteristics and Techniques of Sponge Abraisves

Sep 29-2022

Sponge abraisve is made of sponge and abrasives. It is produced through various processing steps including gluing, planting fluff, compounding, and shaping. It is suitable for rough surface polishing ...
29 Sep
What Is the Difference Between Sponge Abraisves and Regular Abraisves?

Sep 22-2022

Sponge abraisve is a special type of abraisve made by implanting abrasive grains onto a sponge. It differs from regular abraisve mainly in the carrier of the abrasive grains. Additionally, sponge abra...
22 Sep
Circular Sandpaper is Also Divided into Dry Abrasive Paper and Wet Sand

Sep 15-2022

Round sandpaper is made by sticking sandpaper rolls with double-sided tape, placing them on a punch machine, and cutting them with a special circular die. Its shape is a perfect circle, so it is calle...
15 Sep
Car Maintenance Tips: Smartly Polish and Refurbish Wiper Blades with Sandpaper!

Sep 08-2022

The wiper blade is a common accessory on cars, mainly used to scrape rainwater off the windshield on rainy days and also for cleaning the windshield. The wiper blade is a small and inconspicuous part ...
08 Sep
Major Trends in Belt-Sanding Belts' Grinding

Sep 01-2022

Since the 1960s, industrialized countries such as Europe, the United States, and Japan have made new breakthroughs in belt-sanding belts' grinding technology and belt-sanding belts' manufactur...
01 Sep
What is a Flap Wheel?

Aug 24-2022

1. Definition of a flap wheelFlap wheels, also known as thousand-leaf wheels and chuck-type leaf wheels, are a kind of coated abrasives. Each product is made of hundreds or thousands of abrasive cloth...
24 Aug
Introduction of Steel Fiber Disc

Aug 17-2022

1. Definition of steel fiber discSteel-paper sanding discs are also called steel-paper grinding discs, high-speed grinding discs and grinding discs, among which steel-paper sanding discs and steel-gri...
17 Aug
Advantages of Sponge Abraisves and Its Application in Related Industries

Aug 10-2022

1. Advantages of sponge abraisvesThe sponge abraisve is made of high elastic sponge as the substrate, and the surface is coated with a layer of mineral sand, so that the product maintains high-efficie...
10 Aug
How to Extend the Life of the Abrasive Belt?

Aug 03-2022

The production process of abrasive belts has extremely strict requirements on abrasive belt substrates, abrasives, binders and planting sand density. The premature end of the life of abrasive belts is...
03 Aug
Silicon Carbide and Aluminium Oxide Abrasives

Jul 15-2022

Choosing the ideal type of sandpaper/abrasive depends on the material you are using it on and the finish you want. When comparing silicon carbide and aluminium oxide (alumina), they do have some diffe...
15 Jul
Sankyo Rikagaku Completed The Acquisition Of 100% Equity Of Riken MT

Jul 01-2022

On June 23, 2022, Sankyo Rikagaku Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as 'Sankyo Rikagaku') completed the acquisition of 100% of the shares of Zibo Riken MT Coated Abrasives Co.,Ltd (hereinaf...
01 Jul
Characteristics And Classification Of Sandpaper And Abrasive Cloth

Jun 23-2022

Abrasive paper and abrasive cloth are made of high quality nylon fiber, adhesive corundum, silicon carbide and other abrasives through the nonwoven process. They are new abrasive products with three-d...
23 Jun
Grinding Treatment Of Grinding Disc Selection

Jun 10-2022

Anti-corrosion quality control, in addition to attention to anti-corrosion materials, but also through the effective construction to give full play to. The anti-corrosion industry is known as th...
10 Jun
What Are The Advantages Of Sponge Sandpaper In Fine Grinding?

May 24-2022

As one of the most important coated abrasives, sponge sandpaper performs well in many aspects, such as polishing in automobile repair, hand polishing furniture, surface polishing of plastic products, ...
24 May
Characteristics Of Products Related To Abrasive Belts And Advantages Of Grinding

May 12-2022

What is an abrasive belt? The sanding belt uses paper as the backing layer, the two layers are butted, and the seams of each layer are staggered. The sand is wide, light and soft, and has been widely ...
12 May
Different Types of Abrasive Grains Used In Sandpaper

Apr 11-2022

Abrasive GrainsIn order to determine which sandpaper product may be most suitable for a particular sanding application, it is important to understand the different abrasive grains that are available a...
11 Apr
Application Characteristics And Grinding Introduction of Sandpaper Sponge

Mar 25-2022

Sandpaper sponge sanding process has the characteristics of high production efficiency, good surface quality and low production cost, so it is widely used in furniture production. The final surface qu...
25 Mar
Which One Is Better, Silicon Carbide Sandpaper Or Diamond Grinding Disc?

Mar 11-2022

In the wide range of consumables, there are many consumables with the same function, such as silicon carbide sandpaper and diamond grinding disc. These two consumables are used for the rough grinding ...
11 Mar
Scuff Pads VS Sandpaper

Jan 26-2022

When it comes to surface preparation products, we get a lot of questions about which material is needed for different jobs. Abrasion resistant pads and sandpaper are two options, but each is best suit...
26 Jan
How To Choose The Right Flap Disc For Your Project?

Jan 13-2022

How to Choose the Right Flap DiscWhen it comes to flap discs, there are a wide variety of discs on the market today. Let's start by understanding the various components of a flap disc so you know ...
13 Jan
Don't Waste Time! Important Facts Until You Reach Your Flap Disc

Dec 18-2021

RMN carries the best flap discs in a variety of sizes and materials available from mini 2”, 3” to larger 4.5” and 7”. We offer our flapper discs in Zirconia as well as ceramic grains in 40, 60, 80...
18 Dec
Tips On How To Clean Your Sanding Belts And Extend Their Life

Nov 27-2021

Belt sanders are excellent tools for stripping, shaping and sanding things quickly. However, belts can get clogged with dirt and residue from old finishes, paint, oily wood, metal, etc. long before th...
27 Nov
What Is An Abrasive Sponge And How To Use It Properly?

Nov 12-2021

Abrasive sponges are foam sponges impregnated with various sizes of grit, allowing one to use the sponge as a sanding tool to smooth various surfaces. Many hardware and craft stores come with sanding ...
12 Nov
How To Choose The Right Sandpaper?

Nov 12-2021

As a Sandpaper Manufacturer, share with you.Sandpaper sizeSandpaper is not made of sand, but is composed of fine particles of natural or synthetic origin. The particles are sieved through a screen and...
12 Nov
What Are The Physical Properties Of Silicon Carbide?

Oct 28-2021

As a Sandpaper Suppliers, share with you. Due to its stable chemical properties, high thermal conductivity, low thermal expansion coefficient, and good wear resistance, silicon carbide has many other ...
28 Oct
What Are The Grinding Techniques And Methods?

Oct 14-2021

The three elements of grinding? Iron, stainless steel, copper, aluminum alloy, zinc alloy, magnesium alloy, titanium alloy and other metal materials surface treatment, chamfering, deburring, polishing...
14 Oct
What Is The Common Sense Of The Electromechanical Use Of Disc Sandpaper?

Sep 27-2021

As a Sanding Belt Manufacturers, share with you.Disc sandpaper can be divided into two types, non-perforated disc sandpaper and perforated disc sandpaper. Disc sand with holes is convenient for the wa...
27 Sep
What Are Non-Woven Abrasives?

Sep 14-2021

Non-woven abrasives can be used to enhance almost any finishing or restoration project. They are used in a variety of environments from kitchens to shipyards; to remove stains and oxidation, to prepar...
14 Sep
Do You Know Belt Grinding?

Aug 31-2021

Abrasive belt grinding is a kind of elastic grinding, which is a compound processing technology with multiple functions of grinding, grinding and polishing.The abrasive grains on the abrasive belt hav...
31 Aug
Do You Know The Abrasive Belt?

Aug 18-2021

As a Sanding Belt Manufacturer, share with you.Abrasive belt grinding is a form of coated abrasive grinding. As early as 1760, the first sandpaper appeared in the world, but it was limited to manual o...
18 Aug
How To Deal With Abrasive Belt Fracture?

Jul 08-2021

It is inevitable that the abrasive belt will break when it is used, so how to solve this problem?1. The abrasive belt joints are weak and cracked, strengthen the quality control in production, and mee...
08 Jul
Application Of Diamond Abrasive Belt

Jul 07-2021

1. The characteristics and application of diamond abrasive beltDiamond abrasive belt has the dual characteristics of superhard material 'hard' and coated abrasive 'soft'. Its worki...
07 Jul
The Characteristics of Silicon Carbide Abrasive

Jul 07-2021

The industrial manufacturing method of silicon carbide is to use high-quality quartz sand and petroleum coke to be refined in a resistance furnace. The refined silicon carbide blocks are crushed, wash...
07 Jul
How To Attach Hook And Loop Sanding Discs?

Feb 16-2021

Hook and loop sanding discs are sanding pads made of aluminum oxide that have a hook and loop velcro backing. Once properly attached, our superior gripping means they won't slip once on the pad. A...
16 Feb
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The Ultimate Guide to Velcro Backed Sanding Rolls

Tips for Efficient Use of Self-Adhesive Abrasive Film
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Tips for Efficient Use of Self-Adhesive Abrasive Film

Safety Precautions When Using Self-Adhesive Abrasive Film
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Safety Precautions When Using Self-Adhesive Abrasive Film