Introduction to Flap Disc

Basic knowledge of flap disc

Flap disc, also known as elastic grinding disc, is made up of plastic or fiber mesh cover glued sand cloth sheet, suitable for angular grinding machine. Generally there are 36 pages, 56 pages, 72 pages, 80 pages of several types of particle size between 40#-320#. Materials include brown corundum, zirconia corundum, silicon carbide, etc. It can be used to remove rust, paint, burrs, and polish welding seams of various types of metal and non-metal materials in the shipbuilding, automobile, aviation, machinery, instrumentation, bridge and building industry, and furniture industry.

A grinding head is a general term for a small grinding tool with a handle, which is applied to an electric grinder, a hanging grinder, and a hand-held electric drill. There are many types, mainly including ceramic grinding head, rubber grinding head, diamond grinding head, sanding cloth grinding head, etc.

(1) Flap disc ceramic grinding head: The particle size sand (generally brown corundum, white corundum, chrome corundum, silicon carbide) is sintered by a ceramic binder, and the center is supplemented with a metal handle. The non woven grinding disc is mainly used for grinding various metals, used for grinding the inner wall of the aperture, and correcting the mold.

(2) Flap disc rubber grinding head: Finer particle size sand is synthesized by a rubber binder and used for polishing the mold.

(3) Flap disc sanding cloth grinding head: Multiple rectangular sand cloth pieces are bonded around the metal handle. The particle size is generally between 60#-320# and is used for polishing the inner wall of the aperture.

(4) Flap disc diamond grinding head: A non-metallic material grinding tool for grinding stones, ceramics, etc., which particularly relates to a grinding tool using a diamond alloy as a grinding body. It includes a base with several grinding bodies, and the fixed base of the gap between several grinding bodies, and the grinding bodies on the grinding surface of the grinding head are also spaced. Among them, the base is preferably made of a bonding material with certain toughness, and the grinding body is preferably made of diamond alloy material. The utility model has the characteristics of high grinding performance, simple manufacturing and low cost, high grinding processing quality, and can be applied to large-scale grinding processing. The polishing wheel is a pressing type flat wheel, which is composed of several polishing wheel pieces, and each surface of the polishing wheel piece is uniformly coated with a layer of polishing oil.

Flap disc has a simple structure and easy to use

Flap disc has good polishing effect. The hardness of the polishing wheel depends on the distance between the stitching lines. The smaller the distance between the stitching lines, the higher the hardness of the polishing wheel. In order to make the polishing wheel of the flap disc for polishing steel more flexible, the stitching line and the wheel edge should be kept at a sufficient distance (there is also no stitching line). For polishing large workpieces, there are also polishing wheels with special air-cooling devices.

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