Characteristics Of Products Related To Abrasive Belts And Advantages Of Grinding

What is an abrasive belt? The sanding belt uses paper as the backing layer, the two layers are butted, and the seams of each layer are staggered. The sand is wide, light and soft, and has been widely used for grinding and polishing stainless steel plates and plywood, as well as for grinding jet engines and steam turbine blades.

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In terms of effect, the high surface quality of abrasive belt grinding workpieces is mainly manifested in the small surface roughness value, good residual stress status, and no microscopic cracks or metallographic arrangement changes on the surface.

Ⅰ. Basic information of related products of abrasive belt

1. The ore sand mixed with alumina and ceramic alumina, through a specially treated wet and dry paper backing, has an anti-clogging super coating.

2. Commercial features of adhesive belts: selected silicon carbide ore, specially treated paper backing, with simple handling pressure-sensitive adhesive, and specially treated anti-clogging super coating.

3. The use scale and strengths of the product: provide quick and useful processing methods. Abrasive belts are mainly used for surface polishing of various materials and are also suitable for removing defects on paint surfaces. The wet and dry backing base provides two processing methods: dry grinding and wet grinding. Special sand selection can provide longer life.

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Ⅱ. What are the advantages of abrasive belt grinding?

Feature 1:

The equipment for belt grinding is simple. Compared with grinding wheel grinders, belt grinders are much simpler. This is because the abrasive belt is light, the grinding force is small, and the vibration during the grinding process is small. The rigidity and strength requirements of the machine tool are much lower than that of the grinding wheel grinder.

Feature 2:

The operation of belt grinding is simple and the auxiliary time is less. Whether it is a manual or motorized belt grinding, the operation is very simple. From the replacement of the adjustment belt to the clamping of the workpiece to be processed, all this can be completed in a very short time.

Feature 3:

large abrasive belt grinding ratio, the high power utilization rate of the machine tool, and high cutting efficiency. This reduces the cost and power cost of cutting off data of equal weight or volume and takes a short time.

Feature 4:

Abrasive belt grinding is very safe, with low noise and dust, easy to operate, and good environmental benefits.

Because the weight of the belt itself is very light, there is no risk of injury even if it cracks. Abrasive belt grinding is not as serious as the sand out of the grinding wheel, especially during dry grinding, the grinding debris is mainly the material of the workpiece to be processed, and it is easy to recover and control the dust. Because the rubber touch wheel is selected, the abrasive belt grinding will not form a rigid impact on the workpiece like a grinding wheel, so the processing noise is very small, generally less than 70dB.

After the end of production, the abrasive belt cannot be repaired after being blunt and needs to be replaced frequently, which is expensive. Since the 1970s, belt grinding has continued to be large-scale and highly efficient. In the meantime, the cutting speed of the abrasive belt's powerful grinding has reached 40 m/s, the grinding pressure is 100-200 MPa, and the material removal volume per minute can reach more than 500 cm.

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