What is Industrial Consumable Flap Disc?

A flap disc is called a strong elastic grinding disc, which is made of plastic or fiber mesh covering abrasive cloth sheets. The flap disc is a simplified product of a fan-shaped grinding wheel and is mainly used for grinding and polishing in industrial production. It is also one of the industrial consumable abrasive products. The impeller base material includes mesh, nylon, plastic, steel paper, etc., and the number of abrasive cloth sheets varies, distributing in a fan-shaped pattern evenly. The granularity ranges from 36#-400#, with 60# and 80# being the most common. It is mounted on an angle grinder with a diameter of 4"-7" and is used for welding seam polishing, edge deburring, and repair grinding processing. It can be interchanged with a bowl-shaped abrasive wheel and has the advantages of good elasticity, high efficiency, good heat dissipation, and low noise. It can replace resin bowl-shaped abrasive wheels. It has strong elasticity, high tensile strength and bending strength, good self-sharpening, high grinding rate, and low noise. It is suitable for polishing welds and fly edges of stamping parts inside the box, and is mainly applied to the grinding and polishing of various stainless steel and carbon steel structural parts.

Advantages of Flap Discs

The product has very strong cutting force and is heat-resistant, wear-resistant, and has a synchronous consumption of sand and cloth, which is very noticeable. Its service life is 3-4 times longer than that of similar products in the industry. The flap disc for polishing steel can be used for rust removal, paint removal, burr removal, and welding seam polishing of metal and non-metal materials in shipbuilding, automobile, aviation, machinery, instrument, bridge and construction industry, furniture industry and other industries.

How to Use the Flap Disc

It can be assembled and used on electric and pneumatic tools, and is very suitable for polishing and grinding processing of stainless steel surfaces, metal chamfering, concave-convex surface treatment, welding seams, especially in the fields of shipbuilding, aviation, and large-scale machinery equipment.

Flap Disc Diamond Grinding Head

A non-metallic material grinding tool for stone, ceramic materials and the like, particularly relates to a diamond alloy as the abrasive tool. It includes several abrasive bodies on the base, and the base is fixed in the gap between the several abrasive bodies, and the abrasive bodies on the grinding surface of the grinding head are also gap-set. The base is preferably made of adhesives with certain toughness, and the abrasive body is preferably made of diamond alloy material. The flap disc diamond grinding head has the characteristics of high grinding performance, simple manufacturing and low cost, high grinding processing quality and can be applied to large-scale grinding processing. The polishing wheel is a kind of pressed flat wheel, which is composed of several polishing wheel pieces. Each polishing wheel piece is uniformly coated with a layer of polishing oil layer on the outer surface. The polishing process does not require additional oiling.

The structure of the flap disc is simple and easy to use. The polishing effect is good. The hardness of the polishing wheel is determined by the stitching line distance. The smaller the stitching line distance, the higher the hardness of the polishing wheel. In order to make the polishing wheel softer, the production of the polishing wheel should pay attention to maintaining a sufficient distance between the stitching line and the wheel edge (there are also non-stitching lines).

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