What is a Flap Wheel?

1. Definition of a flap wheel

Flap wheels, also known as thousand-leaf wheels and chuck-type leaf wheels, are a kind of coated abrasives. Each product is made of hundreds or thousands of abrasive cloth sheets, hence the name. It is made of aluminum oxide as abrasive, base material as cloth base and made into emery cloth by assembly line, and then lamination of abrasive cloth and full resin paste. The upper and lower grooves are opened on the chuck to fix the sand blade between the upper and lower chucks. The two ends of the inner side of the sand blade are respectively provided with an L-shaped buckle groove and a fastening ring, and the fastening ring is fixedly connected with the buckle groove. The fastening ring is cured and bonded together by the glue and the buckle groove to form a thousand-page wheel. The flap wheel is divided into two types: straight groove and U-shaped groove.

2. Features of the flap wheels

The working surface of this product is hard and wear-resistant, has strong elasticity, has the characteristics of sharp cutting, high processing efficiency, no burn of workpiece, stable physical and chemical properties, high safety, simple and convenient continuous operation, and it can save time than manual grinding. The best mass abrasive product for surface preparation.

3. The purpose of the flap wheel

It is suitable for large-area rough polishing, grinding, rust removal and grinding of various stainless steel, metal, wood, furniture, stone and other fields, polishing and shaping of various irregular surfaces, and mechanical manufacturing of different materials. Excellent rust removal and grinding, high polishing efficiency and long service life. This product is commonly used in automobile manufacturing, heavy machinery, ship repair, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, hardware and decoration industries.

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