How To Deal With Abrasive Belt Fracture?

It is inevitable that the abrasive belt will break when it is used, so how to solve this problem?

1. The abrasive belt joints are weak and cracked, strengthen the quality control in production, and meet the needs of users;

2. The belt tension is too large, the adjusted tension will not slip under the working load, the smaller the tension, the better;

3. When the belt is transported or installed, the wrinkles or edges are damaged. The quality of the appearance of the belt should be checked before the belt is installed, and the belt should be installed according to the correct operation method;

4. The working pressure of the abrasive belt is too large during use, so reduce the pressure;

5. Because the abrasive belt cuts too deeply when used, friction heat accumulates, reduce the cutting depth or feed speed, or use coolant or cooling devices;

6. External debris enters between the sanding belt and the roller or plate to remove debris. High-efficiency dust extraction is the best preventive measure;

7. Excessive vibration of the abrasive belt, use low-hardness contact wheels to check the vibration of the machine or the quality of the abrasive belt;

8. The contact roller is tapered; the contact roller or graphite pad is not parallel to the base, and the roller is trimmed to remove the tapered shape; reinstall it and keep it parallel;

9. The machine is running abnormally, and the abrasive belt is broken by the travel switch, and the equipment needs to be overhauled (pay special attention to the paper-based abrasive belt);

10. The thickness difference of the workpiece is too large or the impact belt is partially overlapped, and the protective device for the overlapped plate and the oversize part is installed.

How To Deal With Abrasive Belt Fracture

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