How to Process Flap Wheels?

Reasons for poor quality of flap wheels

Flap wheel manufacturers should not abandon reputation and quality for profit. Many flap wheels on the market are not sold at low prices because of excessive inventory, but because they use second-rate materials and inferior mesh during production, and there is no safety guarantee during use.

Throughout the flap wheel industry, there are often problems where consumers refuse to pay due to the substandard quality of flap wheels. This is undoubtedly a big problem for flap wheel manufacturers, and their reputation and quality will be questioned. To restore their reputation, they need to continuously improve their quality.

Consumers who buy low-priced flap wheels should not think they have made a big bargain. In the end, only consumers are affected. Low-priced flap wheels have no safety guarantee, and there is a danger of flying debris or explosions during use. Manufacturers will not be greatly affected, and ultimately it will be those consumers who love cheap deals who will suffer.

Processing method of flap wheels

The abrasive grains on the flap wheel grinding tool become dull during use, and some of the abrasive grains may break or the bonding agent may fall off, causing the abrasive grains to partially or completely detach from the grinding tool. However, new cutting edges or new sharpened abrasive grains will continue to appear on the working surface of the grinding tool, allowing the grinding tool to maintain cutting performance for a certain period of time. Compared with ordinary cutting tools, this self-sharpening characteristic of the grinding tool provides high precision and greater flexibility. However, on some special machine tools, such as those used to process fuel injection nozzles, fluid dynamic bearings are used. When grinding chucks, the roundness tolerance is between 0.3-0.4mm. The advantage of using a linear motor for flap wheel cutting is that it reduces the cutting time and saves positioning time. The linear motor can move at a speed of 30m/min and an acceleration of 3m/s2. Grinding tools can be divided into natural and artificial according to their raw material sources. The only natural abrasive used in the mechanical industry is oilstone.

Flap wheel, also known as a chuck-style wheel, is a type of coated abrasive made of hundreds to thousands of cloth pieces glued together. The aluminum flap wheel is made of alumina abrasive and a cloth base made of yarn through a production line, with layers of cloth glued together with resin. The sand leaf pieces are fixed between the upper and lower chucks with concave grooves, and the two ends of the inner side of the sand leaf are respectively provided with L-shaped buckles and fastening rings. The fastening ring is bonded to the buckle slot by adhesive and cured, which becomes the flap wheel. At present, flap wheels are divided into straight and U-shaped groove types.

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