What Are The Advantages Of Sponge Sandpaper In Fine Grinding?

As one of the most important coated abrasives, sponge sandpaper performs well in many aspects, such as polishing in automobile repair, hand polishing furniture, surface polishing of plastic products, metal rust spots, and surface treatment of plastics.

Like dry-grinding sandpaper and water sandpaper, sponge sandpaper is composed of a matrix, binder, and abrasive. Generally, the abrasive of sponge sandpaper is fine, which is suitable for fine grinding and polishing of workpiece. The binder also has the characteristics of high strength, good elasticity, good water resistance, and heat resistance. RMC sanding sponges wholesale is made of specially treated substrate and water-resistant synthetic resin as a primer and compound glue, which makes it suitable for dry-grinding and water-grinding and achieves the excellent grinding effect of abrasive and workpiece.

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Sponge sandpaper has the characteristics of good hand feel, strong wear resistance, and good wet and dry grinding effect. It can be reused, which is energy-saving and environment-friendly. It has obvious advantages over ordinary sandpaper in specific fields of fine grinding.

Advantages Of Sponge Sandpaper

Sponge sandpaper takes high elasticity sponge as the substrate, and the surface coating makes the products maintain great grinding effect. In addition, it also has good elasticity, and the thickness of 5mm increase the bending performance of the products. The water storage function of sponge can reduce the work load. Different color printing on the back can help easily identify sand the sand thickness of products.

The abrasive sanding sponge block is widely used in the manual polishing furniture, surface polishing of plastic products, auto maintenance repair paint, surface treatment of metal rusty spot and plastic, etc., which can be repeated use. It has obvious advantages than traditional sanding sheets, such as energy conservation, environmental protection, and also high efficiency about dozens of times than that of conventional sandpaper.

Applications of Sponge Sandpaper in Related Industries

Sponge sandpaper is specially designed for extremely fine grinding and polishing that is multi-function products. Soft sponge filling can fit fully any curved surface and curve. Its fine sand and high efficient grinding effect can meet the high quality of the product surface requirement. It can be used in dry or wet grinding. Sponge sandpaper can also be processed into customized specifications that are used in automatic polishing machines. It can satisfy the requirements of different machines for automatic polishing mobile phone shell and other curved plastic and metal products.

At present, there are more and more companies that are willing to join the automation production, to save labor time, improve the production efficiency, let people out from the dusty environment, and most importantly let products have unified and perfect polishing effect.

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Sponge sandpaper sold by ZIBO RIKEN MT COATED ABRASIVES CO., LTD. —the abrasives manufacturing company is suitable for polishing wood, paint, metal, plastic, and drywall. With its soft backing material, it will not generate pressure on fingers and the grinding force will be evenly distributed on the whole abrasive surface. It can be used in both wet and dry environments and can be reused after washing. If you need to buy bulk sponge, we will definitely provide you with the best solution. Welcome to contact us.

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