Application Of Diamond Abrasive Belt

1. The characteristics and application of diamond abrasive belt

Diamond abrasive belt has the dual characteristics of superhard material "hard" and coated abrasive "soft". Its working layer surface is arranged in an orderly manner and the gaps between small grinding units form a larger chip holding space, which is conducive to heat dissipation, and improve the processing quality.

The flexibility of the abrasive belt and the ability to remove chips have the advantages of less dust and low noise during use. It is widely used in the grinding and polishing of hard materials such as glass, stone, ceramics, composite materials, crystal, aerospace and silicon materials.

At the same time, due to the strong holding power of the nickel coating on the abrasive, it is possible for the electroplated abrasive belt to expand in the CBN field. Compared with the diamond abrasive CBN abrasive belt, it can be applied to the grinding and polishing of difficult-to-process materials containing iron group elements such as steel and ferroalloys.

Diamond belt grinding has the incomparable characteristics of diamond-consolidated grinding wheels, so it has a wide range of applications and can process almost all engineering materials and supplies in people's life fields.

2. The classification of diamond abrasive belts

Diamond abrasive belts can be divided into diamond resin abrasive belts and diamond electroplated abrasive belts. Diamond resin abrasive belt uses resin as a binder, and also has the dual advantages of the softness of traditional coated abrasives and the high hardness of diamond.

However, during the grinding process, heat accumulates next to the diamond. If it cannot be output or discharged immediately, the temperature here will rise immediately, causing the adhesive to melt. The diamond does not fully function, it will fall off, and its service life will be short.

Therefore, the diamond resin abrasive belt must be cooled by water cooling, and the cost performance is much lower than that of the diamond electroplated abrasive belt, which limits its application and promotion.

Diamond electroplated abrasive belt grinding is a composite processing technology that uses flexible abrasive tools for grinding and polishing. It has a "cold state" effect, especially suitable for hard and brittle non-metallic materials and non-ferrous metal processing.

Electroplated sanding belt is a more common type produced by manufacturers at present, mainly because the production equipment of electroplating sanding belt is simple, and the bonding strength of electroplating sanding belt is high, the wear resistance and temperature resistance of the adhesive are higher than that of resin.

The grinding efficiency of diamond electroplated abrasive belt is not only due to the hardness of the diamond abrasive itself, but also due to the particularity of its coating pattern. At present, the pattern forms on the market mainly include dot, arrow, half moon, X and so on.

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Application Of Diamond Abrasive Belt

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