Do You Know The Abrasive Belt?

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Abrasive belt grinding is a form of coated abrasive grinding. As early as 1760, the first sandpaper appeared in the world, but it was limited to manual operation at that time. It was not until 1900 to 1910 that the era of mechanical use of sandpaper and emery cloth was entered, and it was first applied to the wood industry in an endless belt manner. This mechanical grinding method using endless belt emery cloth was the embryonic form of abrasive belt grinding. After 1930, abrasive belt grinding gradually developed to metal processing. In World War II, the United States took the lead in using abrasive belt grinding in weapon manufacturing and achieved obvious results. At the beginning of 1950, the emergence of the electrostatic sand planting method pushed the belt grinding to a new stage, and the application of belt grinding became more and more common. Later, Europe and Japan also successively carried out the research and application of abrasive belt grinding technology, and the abrasive belt grinding technology gradually developed into an independent processing technology field with a complete range and a relatively complete technical system.

The composition of the abrasive belt

Abrasive belt is a belt-shaped tool that can be ground and polished, which is made by bonding abrasives to flexible materials such as paper and cloth with a binder. It is a main form of coated abrasives. Its basic composition is: base material, abrasive and binder, collectively called the three elements of abrasive belt.

Classification of abrasive belts

Due to the differences in the three major components of abrasive belts and various characteristic factors, abrasive belts can be divided into many varieties according to different grinding objects, grinding conditions and grinding requirements.

After nearly 30 years of development, belt grinding has now become a relatively complete and self-contained new processing technology. Because of its high processing efficiency, wide application range, strong adaptability, low use cost, safe and convenient operation, it is favored by users. Abroad, abrasive belt grinding technology has made great progress, and its processing objects and application fields are becoming more and more extensive. It can process almost all engineering materials, from general daily life appliances to large aerospace appliances, and has been Become an important means to obtain significant economic benefits. As a processing technology, it has received increasing attention and rapid development because it has the following important characteristics:

Grinding performance

Abrasive belt grinding is a soft grinding method, which is a compound processing technology with multiple functions of grinding, grinding and polishing.

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Do You Know The Abrasive Belt

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