Car Maintenance Tips: Smartly Polish and Refurbish Wiper Blades with Sandpaper!

The wiper blade is a common accessory on cars, mainly used to scrape rainwater off the windshield on rainy days and also for cleaning the windshield. The wiper blade is a small and inconspicuous part of the car, and although it is not used frequently, it can be very frustrating when it doesn't work properly. The method of using automotive sandpaper to polish and refurbish wiper blades can solve this problem. Let our abrasives supplier try this method below.

Polishing with automotive sandpaper: determine the reason for the reduced performance of the wiper blade

The method of polishing with automotive sandpaper is very useful for the situation where the cleaning effect is reduced due to the aging of the wiper blade rubber. Therefore, when we find that the wiper blade cannot clean the glass well, we need to first determine the reason. If the wiper blade vibrates or makes noise during use, it may be installed too tightly or the position and angle of the wiper arm are incorrect, and professional adjustment is needed at this time. If the rubber surface of the wiper blade is severely damaged or aged, or even cracked, the wiper blade must be replaced. If there is no problem with the appearance, but some parts of the wiper blade cannot reach the glass, you need to check if the wiper blade has deformed, and the upper and lower ends have raised, which cannot completely fit on the glass. If the deformation is severe, it needs to be replaced. Of course, if none of the above three points apply, we can determine that the wiper blade may have degraded due to corrosion or aging, although it can be used normally, the cleaning effect has been greatly reduced. We can also use these points to find the test vehicle that meets the requirements.

Polishing with automotive sandpaper: prepare tools

In fact, the tools needed for this trick are very simple, a bottle of water, and a piece of sandpaper. It should be noted that there are many types of bulk sandpaper rolls on the market, and the fineness is different. Here, it is recommended to use automotive sandpaper for wiper refurbishment to avoid excessive damage to the surface layer caused by coarse sandpaper, which may affect the use of the wiper blade. In order to make the contrast more obvious, first dirty the windshield of the test car artificially, spray the windshield water, and turn on the wiper blade. Obviously, there is a clear mark at the upper position in the middle of the two wiper blades. After spraying and washing repeatedly, it still cannot be completely removed.

Polishing with automotive sandpaper: refurbishment process

Then, we remove the wiper blade, clean it, take a small piece of sandpaper that we bought, fold the automotive abrasives sandpaper in half, and then clip the rubber strip that is in contact with the glass on the wiper blade. At this time, moisten the surface of the rubber strip with water, and then rub it from top to bottom with a moderate force, which can be repeated three or four times. Afterward, rinse with clean water, try to remove some of the particles that have been polished off, and then reinstall the wiper blade on the wiper arm for a second test.

From the effect point of view, polishing with automotive sandpaper can indeed refurbish the wiper blade, and this method has a certain degree of help in improving the cleaning effect and prolonging the service life of the wiper blade. Of course, the effect we mentioned is relative. This method can improve the cleaning effect, but it is unrealistic to completely remove the marks and make the wiper blade the same as a new one. The method of refurbishing with sandpaper is only suitable for the situation where the wiper blade is aging and the surface cleaning effect is reduced. If the wiper blade cannot fit the glass, or there is noise and shaking during the cleaning process, professional wiper arm adjustment and replacement may be needed, and this trick alone may not solve the problem.

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